Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Family Pictures

Preparing for the holidays allowed us to go get some pictures for this year's Christmas card. The temperature was extremely cold but we made it. Here are a few of the good ones and the okay ones. Trying to get everyone to smile at the same time is extremely difficult!

Paid Labor

After months of waiting, the hospital where I do my clinicals (Utah Valley Regional Medical Center) finally decided to hire the students in my class. My job is as an LPT (limited practical technician) in the radiology department. At this point, I just fill in for those that are needing a day off in a few locations in Utah County. Just another step in the getting through school phase of life.


Trying to be as cool as his older brother, Jaxon decided it would be a good idea to walk at 9 MONTHS OLD!! He went pretty quick from crawling to walking and is all over the place since October. The time he started walking was close to the same time Blake broke his leg so we had a walking 9 month old and a crawling (due to pain) 3 year-old. While watching him have these accomplishments is super fun, he also has developed quite the naughty streak in him.

Broken Bone

As is the case for a typical three year-old, Blake has used his energy for both good and bad this year. The bad for him came just before Halloween as he was playing with his cousin and they both fell with Blake somehow on the bottom. The result was a Toddler's Fracture of the tibia and so he got to wear this lovely boot for a couple weeks. Thankfully, he has healed now and is back to his energetic self.


Yet another year for Blake and I to attend BYU football games. As you can see, Jaxon made it to one of the games and we thoroughly enjoyed watching as BYU beat Utah in overtime. This has been a fun tradition for us each year and we hope to enjoy more winning seasons.

Busy Schedules

How crazy it is to think that it has been three months since I was last able to update this blog. Our lives have been a roller coaster of events and the hours to do anything but take care of the boys and do school work are limited. Thankfully we have made it through mostly without incident. During these crazy times of life, I take comfort to know that there is a plan for our lives and if we continue faithful, we will be blessed for being "anxiously engaged" in a good cause.