Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jaxon is 1

For Jaxon's bday, he got to enjoy a nice set of balloon cakes made by Erica. Don't they look great?

We decided to let Jaxon have his own to do with as he pleased.

At first, Jaxon was very hesitant and not sure if this was something he should be doing.

Then after he got a taste he decided to just jump right in and enjoy.

As you can see, he became a messy little boy by the end but it was so fun to watch him! How crazy it is to think that he is now already a year old!


Christmas has come and gone and here are a few of the things that were memorable about this year.

Here is a great link to Jaxon and Blake doing some dancing to the famous dancing Santa at Grandma Joan's house. Jaxon loves music and seems to always do circles or shake his arms when he enjoys the beat. One of his favorite parts of Christmas was to play with a gift box that my mom received that had a gift card in it. When the box was opened, it played the song "I'm so excited" by the Pointer Sisters and Jaxon loved dancing to that tune.

So, the biggest surprise came when the last present was brought out by my brother Corey. This was a huge box and I had no idea what it was. I expected it to be something with another box inside and another inside that one and so on until I opened something small. But no, it was a 32" Vizio LCD TV!! For one of the first times in the lives of my mother and siblings, they saw me completely speechless! I didn't know what to say and still cannot believe he got us the TV.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Letter

Yet another year has passed and here is our family Christmas letter. Hope you enjoy. Click on the picture to read the letter.